Nothing is there at all! Just white, this is Arctic.
I've been to Canadian Arctic for 1997.3.31-5.30.
This is
like another planet. You can see just a white horizon 360 dgree any direction.
(Devon Island)

It's 12 o'clock midnight. The sun never set. This is white night in Arctic.
(Our base camp on Devon Ice Cap)

This is Hallow, a ring around the sun.
It can appear in quite low temperature.
We traveled on the Ice cap by Skidoo and sled.
We can not do anything without GPS which give us our global position. (Penny Ice cap)

This is Arctic base station (PSCP) in Resolute.
This is for science research and managed by Canadian goverment.
There are a dining hall, billiards and a lot of bed rooms. It's very comfortable.
(PSCP base station in Resolute)

We went to top of the Ice cap from the station by this plain called twin otter.
All stuffs such as food, fuel, tents and skidoo can be taken by this plain.
(Top of Devon ice cap)

This is our base camp of Devon ice cap.
This tent is quite big. We eat meal, sleep and work in this tent.
Outside is -38 degree this time. We have to keep turning on a stove.
(Devon ice camp)

We have to take care of crevasse.
Our sled was trapped by crevasse.
The crevassed are about 20 m deep and are hide by deep snow.
(Devon Ice Cap)

We can see nothing, when storm is coming.
It is danger to lost way.
(Devon Ice Cap)

This is glacier terminus.
There is a large lake at left of the picture.
The surface is frozen.
We went back from here by airplane.
(Penny Ice Cap)

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