You can easily get here Tateyama by bus. Here is 2400m elevation in the Japanese Northern Alps.
There are a lot of tiny beautiful flowers and great mountains.
Mt. Tsurugi is the steepest mountain in Japan.
(Left/Kumomagusa Right/Mt.Tsurugi)

Here is Midagahara (1800m) in early April.

The deepest snow is more than 10 m.

Kuranosuke snow bank in late August (2400m a.s.l.).
The snow bank has ice of 20 m depth under its snow surface. The ice is remaining of glacier ice of 2400 years old. This snow bank was a glacier in ice age.
So, many glacial investgation were carried out about this glacier.

This is the ice appered in late September.

Melt-water is flowing on its surface like glaciers. There are some deep holes, which must be muran.

This is "Red snow" in early summer Tateyama.

This color snow is due to bloom of "Snow algae".

This is the snow algae.

One kind of green algae.

(By Microscope)

It is really beautiful here in autumn, because leaves of trees and grasses get much coloration, red and yellow.

(Masago valley and sunset from Mt. Tsurugi-gozen)