Effect of Biogenic Material on Glacial Albedo
Blooms of snow algae can reduce the surface albedo (light reflectance) of snow and ice, and largely affect their melting (Thomas and Duval, 1995; Hoham and Duval, 2001). For example, some glaciers in Himalayas are covered with a large amount of dark-colored biogenic material (cryoconite) derived from snow algae and bacteria (Kohshima et al., 1993; Takeuchi et al., 2001). The albedo of the intact surfaces bearing the cryoconite was substantially lower than that of the surface from which the cryoconite was artificially removed (5% versus 37%). The melting rates of the intact surfaces were reported to be 3 times larger than that of the surfaces without the cryoconite. Thus, snow algal activity possibly affects heat budget and mass balance of glaciers.
The surface of a Himalayan glacier is covered by dark-colored biogenic material. Spectral reflectance of the glacial surface with and without the biogenic material. The biogenic material significantly reduce the surface albedo of the glacier
The biogenic material is called as "cryoconite". Cryoconite on a ice surface.

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