Cryocnite hole litertures

Local cryoconite hole

  • Arctic
    [Takeuchi et al. 2001]
  • Greenland
    [Nordenskjold 1875][Gajda 1958][Gerdel and Drouet 1960][Gribbon 1979]
  • Antarctic
    [Wharton et al. 1981]
  • Himalayas, Tibet
    [Takeuchi et al. 2000][Kohshima 1989]
  • Sea ice
    [Podgorny 1996]

Albedo effect

  • [Gajda 1958]

Thermo dynamics

  • [Podgorny 1996][MyIntyre 1984][Gribbon 1979][Takeuchi et al. 2000]

Living organisms in the holes

  • Snow algae
    [Gerdel and Drouet 1960]
  • Rotifer and Tardigrada
    [De Smet and Van Rompu 1994]

Meteorites in holes

  • [Maurete et al. 1987]


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