Snow algae on an Altaic glacier

Green algae

  • Ancylonema nordenshoeldii (Greeen alga)
  • Mesotaenium bregrenii (Greeen alga)
  • Chloromonas sp. (Greeen alga)


  • Calothrix parietina (Cyanobacterium)
  • Oscillatoriaceae alga (cyanobacterium)

Green algae

Ancylonema nordenshoeldii

This species is common in the Arctic region.

Mesotaenium bregrenii

This alga is the common species on ice surface in world wide

Chloromonas sp.

Bloom of this alga occurred in the snow area and makes visible "red snow" .


Oscillatoriaceae alga

Calothrix parietina

This species can be observed on glaciers in the Canadian Arctic.


  • Takeuchi, N., Uetake, J., Fujita, K., Aizen, V., and Nikitin, S. (2006) A snow algal community on Akkem Glacier in the Russian Altai Mountains. Annals of Glaciology, 43, accepted.

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